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 Understanding the Brain of a Teenager and How to Help Them Cope 

     Teenagers are very confusing, and it’s very hard to understand what goes on in a teenager’’s mind daily. In this article I will touch base with the overall stress or cope with being a teenager.  Speaking as a teenger I can say I have quite a few mood changes. Of course everyone struggles at times. As a  teenager I think I could speak for everyone when I say it’s stressful. As teengers so much is expected of you; you’re growing, and as you grow you need to make executive decisions. With these decisions comes big responsibilities. 

     As a teenager juggling school and, for some, a job can be very stressful, and people will say “just don’t get a job,” or “take off more.” The thing is people have different reasons as to why they have the job and certain important reasons why one may need the money at the time. I understand teachers have deadlines and are timed on how long they have to teach us what we are required to know. Every now and then I feel it’s important to be a little more patient with some because, some may have home issues or even work everyday as soon as they get out of school for whatever reason. It’s a lot having a job and trying to focus on school. 

     It’s almost as if we’re drowning and cannot reach the surface in time to catch your breath. Being a teenager comes with a lot of judgment, especially by people in our own school, and our own age. We have teachers asking where your assignment is, kids judging what one is wearing or even what brand one is wearing, not to mention everything else that could be going on in one’s  life. So speaking as a teenager I feel it’s important to have slight changes in your patience towards us. 

     Some of us struggle daily with motivation; we procrastinate every little thing. Not because we do not care, but because some of us hardly even feel like getting out of bed to get something to drink. We have a lot that  needs to be done but, for some reason we don’t even feel like moving. No it’s not out of “laziness.” It’s because there’s so much going on in the world right now and so much we’re having to think about that, it’s become overwhelming. In conclusion there’s really nothing anyone can do to help a teenager cope other than to understand that we struggle with life, depression, anxiety and more. To help one we could just be more patient or more understanding. We never know what’s going on in one’s mind outside of school, social media, ect. 

Meet the Staff

One of our newest members of the spring Journalism class is Hannah Harmon. I sat down with her to ask her a few questions about herself. Hannah is on the Mooreville Cheerleading Squad and cheers on the football team. She also is a new member of the tennis team. It is her first year playing for Mooreville. When she is not cheering or playing tennis, she likes to tumble, bake, watch sports, and read. One of her favorite restaurants is chicken salad chick, which is a newer restaurant in Tupelo. She likes to get one scoop of Sassy Scotty, grape salad, and a cookie. A fun fact about Hannah is that, if she were an animal, she would be a cat because she enjoys sleeping a lot. We also discussed her favorite tv show which is Dawson’s Creek and her favorite character is Pacey. Hannah likes to be very comfortable when she goes to school .Her go to brand is Lululemon. Hannah looks forward to Journalism class!  

Rock Cummings is a junior at Mooreville High School. He’s been going to Mooreville for 12 years and plays for our tennis team. After high school, he plans on going to college to study nursing. Because he would like to see what other countries are like, his dream vacation would be to go to Mexico. He finds cats annoying, so he is more of a dog person. Rock’s favorite food is chicken caeser wraps.

Lexis Millan is also a junior at Mooreville High School. She’s been going here for 5 years. She is part of the book club. After she graduates she wants to go to college and study to become a veterinarian. She loves dogs and training them. She also loves to eat anything with chicken. Lexis would like to one day travel to Asia to see the scenery.

Mya Mott is 15 years old and is a sophomore at Mooreville High School. She has two siblings, a sister who is 7 years old and a brother that is 23 years old. She plans on going to school for designing and later becoming a real estate agent. Mya enjoys eating at The Grill,and her favorite thing to order off the menu is sweet heat sliders. Mya is more of a dog person and has a 9 year old dog named Tobi.  Mya has been going to Mooreville Schools for 8 years, and her most favorite part about Mooreville Schools is the tennis team. Mya has been playing tennis since the seventh grade at Mooreville.  Her favorite subject in school is geometry because math is one of her easier subjects. Currently, Mya does not have a job, but she did work at Belle’s Boutique before it went out of business. 

The spring semester brought in a few new members to the blog, one being Ann Marie McMillan. After interviewing her with some basic questions, I learned a lot about her. Ann Marie is in the eleventh grade and has attended Mooreville Schools for ten years. Before her years at Mooreville, she attended kindergarten at a public Presbyterian school in Tupelo. Her first teacher at Mooreville was Mrs.Tate, who made the transition easy for her and is still her favorite teacher after all this time. Not only is Ann Marie in the journalism class but she also takes AP Bio, Advanced Math Plus, and Comp 1 this semester. She enjoys AP Bio the most because she is good at it. Additionally, she is involved in three clubs: FBLA, Red Cross, and Junior Civitan. Ann Marie plays on the MHS Volleyball team and loves it because of the team bonding. At home, she has a dog named Cooper who is a German Shepard and Husky mix. Her favorite restaurant in Tupelo is Mt Fuji. She always orders the dancing dragon roll because it is her favorite. Ann Marie is going to be a great addition to the blog!  

I just sat down with Ava Taylor and asked her some questions so that we can get to know her a bit better as a new member of the journalism class. After school is over, Ava likes to study and hang out at home and sometimes she plays tennis. Ava has been in Mooreville for 3 years. She dislikes cajun food. Her favorite subject in school is science, and one of Ava’s new hobbies is tennis as it was mentioned earlier. 

Alexis Miller is 16 years old and is currently a sophomore at Mooreville High School. She has been at Mooreville schools since the third grade. She likes the teachers that are here at Mooreville she says “that they are great people to lean on and to learn from.” Alexis is more of a dog person because she is allergic  to cats. The Grill is a place that she enjoys eating at, and her favorite thing off the menu is the Alfredo  chicken. Alexis currently works at Danvers in Tupelo.

Our Goodbye.

The 2021 Journalism class signing out..

As first semester is coming to an end, I am starting to realize how many opportunities our teacher Mrs. Comer has given us. For example , I got to express my likes and dislikes freely. I also got the chance to open up and interview people I thought I would never talk to. I came into this class thinking I was going to fail miserably because I’m not that big of a writer, but Mrs. Comer helped me through it and made me branch out. Journalism class has been a great experience for me. Me and the four other students in this class got the chance everyday to discuss and become closer, and I am forever grateful . That being said, this is my goodbye to our Trooper blog and a huge thank you to the wonderful teacher that helped us put it all together.

Staff Writer Grace Eldridge 

As the clock continues to count down towards the end of a school semester, students are enthusiastically awaiting the new year. Through this semester I have experienced a lot of changes, which have developed my skills. However, one of my classes distinguished itself from the rest. Journalism class ,taught by Mrs.Comer, allowed many students like myself to establish their creativity. Through this semester we have been writing, reporting, and creating art from literature. I have been able to report on things of my choosing and writing in my own opinions. This has allowed the expression of myself through my writing. This is not very common within other classes, some of which have very strict writing rule sets. This freedom has allowed me to enjoy writing, develop these writing skills, and have a better understanding of the news. I would recommend this class to anyone who is considering a simple and laid back elective. You will always be working, but it will be of your choosing.

Staff Writer Daniel Lopez

As this semester comes to an end, so does my time on the Trooper blog. It was fun, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what I was coming into when I saw I had this class, but I really did enjoy it. I got to talk to people who I didn’t know, and I got to learn about topics that I didn’t know about. I also got to write, which I honestly didn’t think I was too good at, but the compliments I’ve gotten from teachers prove otherwise. So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reading and supporting the Trooper blog. And finally, I want to welcome the new writers for the Trooper blog, and I hope they have as much fun as I did! 

By staff writer, Leigh Strickland

My time on the Conversations With Cooper blog has come to an end, and we’re moving on to the next semester. I started off in this class by interviewing Mrs. Cardenas, something I was nervous about because I’d never interviewed anybody, but after I did it, I was less scared of this class. I was kind of skeptical at the beginning because I don’t particularly like writing, but it’s been pretty fun. I grew to slowly like this class the more I posted on the blog. One time, a few of us went around the school asking what were the teacher’s favorite Christmas movies, and that was fun. I liked the trivia I did a couple of times as well; it was fun to learn new things like how I now know that there are twelve Michael Myers movies in total. Also, I learned to put some opinion and personality into my writing because there’s none of that in writing essays. I had fun this semester in journalism class; you will be missed, MHS blog audience!

Staff Writer, Molly Murray 

I really enjoyed doing this class. It was really fun interviewing people and researching topics to write about. I think being in Journalism kinda helped my writing, so I’m happy about that. Also, as a big reader, I’m always looking for new books to read and doing the Teacher Book recommendations actually helped me find a new book I want to read. I’m pretty shy and interviewing people was my worst nightmare, but once I did it, it wasn’t that bad. I’m glad that I was put into this class. 

Staff writer, Kalei Cassell

2022 Resolutions

2021 has been a crazy year, so we need to make 2022 better by setting some New Year’s resolutions. I don’t really make resolutions because no one ever sticks to them, but I am this year. 

  1. Improve my driving
  2. Drink more water
  3. Call grandparents more
  4. Try new things
  5. Paint more
  6. Donate some old clothes
  7. Study more
  8. Spend less time on my phone
  9. Be more social
  10. Spend more time with family 

Staff Writer, Molly Murray

As 2021 is coming to an end, and I think it’s safe to say this year has been a wild ride for everyone. My biggest hope for next year is for everyone to have a better, safer year. So as we move into next year, I wanted to share a few of my New Year’s resolutions with you. 

  • Actually study for school, and put my studies first
  • Get a routined sleep schedule 
  • Treat others the way I want to be treated
  • Put more work into cheer and soccer
  • Get more hours at work
  • Keeping myself healthy 
  • Talk to my friends that I don’t see as much
  •  Trying not to stress about things I have no control over
  • Not settling for less than deserved 
  • See my Grandparents and mom more 

Staff Writer, Grace Eldridge

2021 has been a while ride, much like 2020 was. However, I felt like 2021 was a year to remember; I opened up a lot more and I’ve been trying to improve my grades even more. 2021 did have its downs, so I hope 2022 will be better. My New Year’s resolution will hopefully show that. 

  1. I want to draw more
  2. Focus more on my mental health 
  3. Practice my trumpet more
  4. Get healthier
  5. Read more
  6. Get more organized in my daily life
  7. Get a job 
  8. Start saving money
  9. Spend more time with my family
  10. Spend more time with my friends

Staff Writer, Leigh Strickland

As the new year quickly approaches,it is important to reflect on the past 365 days. 2021 lives in the shadows of 2020. This year represents society’s growth from a pandemic-run country. This is the year where people came together for the holidays, where new laws were passed, and hopes for the future have risen, a year that represented hope for many. However, we must look forward, not backwards. This brings change. There will be millions of resolutions this year, but these are mine. 

  1. Arrive to school earlier and on time. 
  2. Graduate with good grades.
  3. Have better self discipline with money.
  4. Read at least 5 books.
  5. Improve my skills at commercial tinting. 
  6. Spend more time with family.
  7. Save money for my own place.
  8. Save for a truck.
  9.  Eat healthier.
  10. Find one new hobby. 

Staff Writer, Daniel Lopez

2021 is about to end, so that means that 2022 is just around the corner. And what do people always make before the new year? New Year resolutions. This is my first year doing New Year resolutions. 

  1. Read more books
  2. Make a journal and write in it everyday
  3. Learn a new language 
  4. Make more friends
  5. Try a new hobby
  6. Try to be less shy
  7. Start a dream journal
  8. Stop procrastinating
  9. Get a better sleep schedule
  10. Become more organized

Staff Writer: Kalei Cassell

Popcorn and a movie: the Blog Staff Favorites

Staff Writer: Daniel Lopez

For many, Christmas represents a joyful time of past memories, family, and the jolly spirit. It is a time where no matter your religious beliefs people come together as one. A large majority of this very spirit can be felt through films representing Christmas. These Christmas movies encapsulate the energy Christmas brings to people’s hearts. They start off the Christmas vibe and bring families together. People huddle around a television screen in order to view the same movies each year. They run back after commercials end in order not to miss it. It is this very atmosphere that creates a soft spot inside people all across the world. However, there can only be one film that is a favorite within each person.

For me Home Alone represents the very essence of the Christmas spirit. A movie directed by Chris Columbus which stars Macaulay Culkin as our protagonist Kevin. Kevin is a troubled child who wishes his family away for Christmas day. Kevin’s wish is granted when his family mistakenly leaves him home alone for the holidays. Unable to go back home because of the Christmas rush Kevin is left with no choice but to keep to himself. At first he enjoys the experience, spending his time doing many things he wasn’t allowed to do before. However, his time alone would be shaken when two burglars attempt to break in and rob Kevin’s family home. With his family gone he is left alone to protect himself from the intruders by using dangerous pranks. In this altercation Kevin realizes the importance of family. When the rest of the family returns they are met with an appreciative Kevin. It is a simple yet creative story that represents the meaning behind family while delivering the Christmas spirit. Even so, it has become one of the largest classic Christmas films and to millions of people it is the greatest Christmas movie. 

However, my favorite scene within this obnoxiously funny movie is when one of the burglars is knocked onto his back by one of Kevin’s defensive pranks. The camera then pans to the man on the ground showing a tarantula laying on top of his face. He then releases an outlandish scream that is still memorable to this day. The other burglar attempts to kill the spider by smashing it; however he ends up missing multiple times and hitting his friend. A largely hilarious scene, it has been incarnated into my brain for years to come. My family will continue to gather around Christmas time and watch this film for years to come. It will always be a classic within our family and continue to create memories. 

Staff Writer: Leigh Strickland

The Polar Express is my favorite Christmas movie because I think the animation, voice acting, and story is all amazing. My favorite scene in the movie is when The Hero Boy and The Hero Girl go and find the kid who almost missed the train and they start singing When Christmas Comes to Town. I like this scene because it’s my favorite song from the movie and I’m glad that he has friends. 

Staff Writer: Grace Eldridge

My favorite Christmas movie would have to be the Grinch. It is my favorite because of the storyline, how the Grinch goes most of his life hating Christmas and really anything or anyone with joy. Then one little girl tries her hardest to change his viewing on it and eventually does. I  think although it is a funny movie, and  it does have a sweet concept to it. My favorite scene would be when the Grinch has just got done stealing all the gifts and much more and all of the Who’s come together and still try to appreciate each other and what they still have. It grows the Grinch’s heart and he ends up taking everything back. 

Staff Writer: Kalei Cassell

I don’t really watch a lot of Christmas movies. I’ve only watched The Polar Express, Home Alone ( only the first one ), Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Elf, and the Grinch. I’ve only watched these once and that was when I was maybe between 8-11 years old. If I had to pick one, it would probably be The Polar Express only because my dad reads the book every year. From the book, my favorite scene is when they are serving hot chocolate because I know in the movie they sing a song and the song was kinda catchy when I was younger.

Staff Writer: Molly Murray

My favorite Christmas movie is Elf. I love the part when Buddy the Elf is working at the Christmas store, I forget the name of it, but Santa comes to visit them. Buddy thinks it’s the “real” Santa, but soon finds out it’s not the one he already knows. He starts yelling stuff around him not being the real Santa, and the guy gets mad and starts a fight with Buddy. This movie is just so funny…what’s not to love about it. 

“We’re gonna have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas”

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Sometimes the journalism class can not find anything to write about, so as a group we decided to see what the teacher’s favorite Christmas movies are. We stormed the halls and asked the teachers. When we were done, we came up with these results. 

Now a lot of people said movies that had not been picked by others. Honorable mentions being Die Hard, which we found out after was, arguably, NOT a Christmas movie; however there were some movies mentioned that had lots of votes. 

In order from least popular to most popular: The Grinch with two votes (not specified which version), Charlie Brown’s Christmas with two votes also, Elf with four votes, and finally National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with an outstanding thirteen votes. 

In conclusion, Christmas movies are a big thing for people who celebrate the holiday, and sometimes they’re not really a movie based on Christmas. It’s all about the feelings attached with it.

Thumbs up Thumbs down

It’s that time of the year again where people get ready to put up Christmas decorations and get out of school for breaks. Here’s a look at my pros and cons of the season. 

Getting out of school 

Thumbs up: Love getting out for Thanksgiving break and Christmas break although, that means exams and hard tests are right around the corner. 

Thumbs down:  I suck at taking serious tests so exams are extremely stressful for me. 

Cold weather 

Thumbs up: I love the cold weather so I can bundle up in warm clothes or cozy blankets. 

Thumbs down: A downside to the cold would be going outside and risking getting sick. Everyone’s nose starts running and eyes start watering.

Outside activities

Thumbs up: My family loves grilling out and watching tv outside. 

Thumbs down: With the cold it’s harder to grill out and hangout outside. Unless you start a bonfire, hanging out outside could be less exciting. 

Tasty Foods

Thumbs up: Around Thanksgiving and Christmas delicious foods are made. Everyone loves eating until they can’t anymore. 

Thumbs down: Although, for me, it is harder to enjoy a bunch of foods that everyone else likes, because I’m the biggest picky eater. 

So when that time of the year comes, take what you can out of it good or bad!  

Staff writer Grace Eldridge

Bringing School Spirit Back!

Some of our teachers have been trying to spread school spirit throughout the halls of Mooreville. Starting with the first pep rally, none of the kids wanted to show spirit,so the teachers made a section just for them. They yelled and tried to encourage the students to join in. 

Then they made  funny and encouraging posters, including students and some coaches, and would stand outside in the mornings yelling and shouting. Mrs. Vanlandingham states, “ Several of the teachers decided that at the next pep rally we would show the kids how they were supposed to act.  This is what ultimately led to us making the signs.” Mrs. Vanlandingham also stated, “the kids would come to us asking for signs to be made about them.  We tried to make things fun and create an atmosphere of excitement for gameday on campus.  All of the teachers made signs, brought pom poms, noisemakers, etc for the pep rally.  As far as the signs were concerned it was usually Mrs. Keith, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Holladay, Mrs. Comer, Mrs. Marcy and I thought of the signs and made them.” They also balred music in the morning as the students arrived at school. 

All of the students are thankful for the teachers taking a leap and trying to spread school spirit! Hopefully the school spirit will stick for the rest of the year!

Staff writer- Grace Eldridge

A must read from Mrs. Ray

It’s been awhile, but I’m back with another book recommendation. We’re taking a step back from our English teachers and taking a look at one of our Science teachers, Mrs. Ray. She recommends The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Brian Lane and Wilfred Gregg; which is a non-fiction book that contains a literal A-Z list of infamous serial killers all around the world with pictures and facts that may have not been disclosed in early publications. Like my last two recommendations, I asked her what made this book so great. 

She likes reading books that are based on true crime. She also said that she enjoys reading books that are dramatic but are based on scenarios that are realistically possible. What led her to become more curious about the history of infamous serial killers was a series by Patricia Cornwell in which the main character is a forensic pathologist. She says that the book is intriguing and also thrilling if you enjoy reading books about the history of crime, more specifically serial killers. 

Her favorite quote from the book is, “All of a sudden I realized that I had just done something that separated me from the human race and it was something that could never be undone. “ This quote stuck out to her because she felt like the man really understood what a horrible act he had committed against humanity. Her favorite part of the book was seeing how science has changed the way serial killers have evolved over the years. She added that science, both in crime and in medicine, have solved many of the issues that were questioned about the methods and actions of past serial killers making it less likely to occur than in the past. 

For my last question, I asked her about her thoughts on the ending. She said that she liked the way the book concluded each section about each serial killer. She added that it gave many details to better understand how the killer was punished and/or if they were caught prior to what DNA evidence proves today with modern technology. Give this book a try; I know that I will.

Staff writer, Kalei Cassell

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