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Staff Writer: Daniel Lopez

For many, Christmas represents a joyful time of past memories, family, and the jolly spirit. It is a time where no matter your religious beliefs people come together as one. A large majority of this very spirit can be felt through films representing Christmas. These Christmas movies encapsulate the energy Christmas brings to people’s hearts. They start off the Christmas vibe and bring families together. People huddle around a television screen in order to view the same movies each year. They run back after commercials end in order not to miss it. It is this very atmosphere that creates a soft spot inside people all across the world. However, there can only be one film that is a favorite within each person.

For me Home Alone represents the very essence of the Christmas spirit. A movie directed by Chris Columbus which stars Macaulay Culkin as our protagonist Kevin. Kevin is a troubled child who wishes his family away for Christmas day. Kevin’s wish is granted when his family mistakenly leaves him home alone for the holidays. Unable to go back home because of the Christmas rush Kevin is left with no choice but to keep to himself. At first he enjoys the experience, spending his time doing many things he wasn’t allowed to do before. However, his time alone would be shaken when two burglars attempt to break in and rob Kevin’s family home. With his family gone he is left alone to protect himself from the intruders by using dangerous pranks. In this altercation Kevin realizes the importance of family. When the rest of the family returns they are met with an appreciative Kevin. It is a simple yet creative story that represents the meaning behind family while delivering the Christmas spirit. Even so, it has become one of the largest classic Christmas films and to millions of people it is the greatest Christmas movie. 

However, my favorite scene within this obnoxiously funny movie is when one of the burglars is knocked onto his back by one of Kevin’s defensive pranks. The camera then pans to the man on the ground showing a tarantula laying on top of his face. He then releases an outlandish scream that is still memorable to this day. The other burglar attempts to kill the spider by smashing it; however he ends up missing multiple times and hitting his friend. A largely hilarious scene, it has been incarnated into my brain for years to come. My family will continue to gather around Christmas time and watch this film for years to come. It will always be a classic within our family and continue to create memories. 

Staff Writer: Leigh Strickland

The Polar Express is my favorite Christmas movie because I think the animation, voice acting, and story is all amazing. My favorite scene in the movie is when The Hero Boy and The Hero Girl go and find the kid who almost missed the train and they start singing When Christmas Comes to Town. I like this scene because it’s my favorite song from the movie and I’m glad that he has friends. 

Staff Writer: Grace Eldridge

My favorite Christmas movie would have to be the Grinch. It is my favorite because of the storyline, how the Grinch goes most of his life hating Christmas and really anything or anyone with joy. Then one little girl tries her hardest to change his viewing on it and eventually does. I  think although it is a funny movie, and  it does have a sweet concept to it. My favorite scene would be when the Grinch has just got done stealing all the gifts and much more and all of the Who’s come together and still try to appreciate each other and what they still have. It grows the Grinch’s heart and he ends up taking everything back. 

Staff Writer: Kalei Cassell

I don’t really watch a lot of Christmas movies. I’ve only watched The Polar Express, Home Alone ( only the first one ), Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, Elf, and the Grinch. I’ve only watched these once and that was when I was maybe between 8-11 years old. If I had to pick one, it would probably be The Polar Express only because my dad reads the book every year. From the book, my favorite scene is when they are serving hot chocolate because I know in the movie they sing a song and the song was kinda catchy when I was younger.

Staff Writer: Molly Murray

My favorite Christmas movie is Elf. I love the part when Buddy the Elf is working at the Christmas store, I forget the name of it, but Santa comes to visit them. Buddy thinks it’s the “real” Santa, but soon finds out it’s not the one he already knows. He starts yelling stuff around him not being the real Santa, and the guy gets mad and starts a fight with Buddy. This movie is just so funny…what’s not to love about it. 

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