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It’s that time of the year again where people get ready to put up Christmas decorations and get out of school for breaks. Here’s a look at my pros and cons of the season. 

Getting out of school 

Thumbs up: Love getting out for Thanksgiving break and Christmas break although, that means exams and hard tests are right around the corner. 

Thumbs down:  I suck at taking serious tests so exams are extremely stressful for me. 

Cold weather 

Thumbs up: I love the cold weather so I can bundle up in warm clothes or cozy blankets. 

Thumbs down: A downside to the cold would be going outside and risking getting sick. Everyone’s nose starts running and eyes start watering.

Outside activities

Thumbs up: My family loves grilling out and watching tv outside. 

Thumbs down: With the cold it’s harder to grill out and hangout outside. Unless you start a bonfire, hanging out outside could be less exciting. 

Tasty Foods

Thumbs up: Around Thanksgiving and Christmas delicious foods are made. Everyone loves eating until they can’t anymore. 

Thumbs down: Although, for me, it is harder to enjoy a bunch of foods that everyone else likes, because I’m the biggest picky eater. 

So when that time of the year comes, take what you can out of it good or bad!  

Staff writer Grace Eldridge

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