A must read from Mrs. Ray

It’s been awhile, but I’m back with another book recommendation. We’re taking a step back from our English teachers and taking a look at one of our Science teachers, Mrs. Ray. She recommends The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Brian Lane and Wilfred Gregg; which is a non-fiction book that contains a literal A-Z list of infamous serial killers all around the world with pictures and facts that may have not been disclosed in early publications. Like my last two recommendations, I asked her what made this book so great. 

She likes reading books that are based on true crime. She also said that she enjoys reading books that are dramatic but are based on scenarios that are realistically possible. What led her to become more curious about the history of infamous serial killers was a series by Patricia Cornwell in which the main character is a forensic pathologist. She says that the book is intriguing and also thrilling if you enjoy reading books about the history of crime, more specifically serial killers. 

Her favorite quote from the book is, “All of a sudden I realized that I had just done something that separated me from the human race and it was something that could never be undone. “ This quote stuck out to her because she felt like the man really understood what a horrible act he had committed against humanity. Her favorite part of the book was seeing how science has changed the way serial killers have evolved over the years. She added that science, both in crime and in medicine, have solved many of the issues that were questioned about the methods and actions of past serial killers making it less likely to occur than in the past. 

For my last question, I asked her about her thoughts on the ending. She said that she liked the way the book concluded each section about each serial killer. She added that it gave many details to better understand how the killer was punished and/or if they were caught prior to what DNA evidence proves today with modern technology. Give this book a try; I know that I will.

Staff writer, Kalei Cassell

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