Throw away your phones! Or should you?

In recent years, technology has come a long way. It’s everywhere: work, the streets, hangout spots, schools, etc. Out of those places, which one do you think always has people debating if it should be allowed? If you guessed schools, you’d be correct. Though for schools, it’s not technology as a whole; it’s just for cell phones. Many people think that they should be allowed while others think they shouldn’t. For me, I agree with both sides. But do you? 

Let’s say you’re in English class, and your teacher says you have to write an essay. Well pretty easy. You’ll  just get your information from the internet. Hate to tell you this, but your teacher says no phones and takes them up. You’re probably freaking out. How are you supposed to start your essay if you don’t have any material to write on, but your teacher points to a bookshelf and tells you that’s where you’ll get your material. You read through all the books, and guess what, all the information is outdated and won’t be accurate. You are in trouble. This is one argument made by people to say that cell phones should be allowed in class. They say you can just get all your information from books, but some books are probably outdated or haven’t been updated in years. So when you write your paper, most, if not all, of your work will be wrong. But, with the use of phones, you can get all of the up-to-date information and get that 100. This is a big reason as to why I agree that phones should be allowed. But…….. 

On the other hand, people say that phones should not be allowed. One argument is that phones are distractions. While I was researching this topic, I came across an article that said, “Research from Asurion found that Americans check their phones every 12 minutes,” ( cited from : ). That is crazy! Classes here are an hour long. How much work is a student getting done if they are constantly on their phones? This reason pulls me to this side of the argument.  And if we think about it, we really don’t need cell phones in the classroom. We already have Chromebooks, so there isn’t really any need to have cell phones. 

Both arguments are right in some areas, so there is no way to say that one is better over the other one. What are some of your thoughts on this topic? Do you think they should be allowed, or do you think they don’t?

Staff writer, Kalei Cassell

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